Quality, Comprehensive, Effective

The Attention Mental Health Approach to Quality Care

Dr. Alfers believes strongly in a collaborative approach to treatment.  To ensure the highest quality of care, he is committed to continuing education, thus providing all clients with the most up-to-date services available. Alternative, integrative, and holistic forms of treatment are always included in the treatment plan.

Is Attention Mental Health right for me?

  1. Focus – Do you want a psychiatrist who is focused on quality treatment of certain disorders, such as Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, or one who treats “everything?”
  2. Convenience – Is it important to you to find a psychiatrist who has a flexible schedule, to be able to see you during lunch hours or late evening hours so you don’t have to miss work?  If you have a busy schedule, you should find out how flexible your doctor’s schedule is.
  3. Expertise – Is it important to you that the psychiatrist keeps current with psychopharmacology by attending conferences and learning from leaders in the psychiatric community?
  4. Honesty – You want a psychiatrist who genuinely has your best interest in mind.  The best way to find out is to call and and have a brief conversation – go with the doctor that is a good fit for you.

Who do you treat?

  1. Adults – men and women
  2. Professionals – executives, entrepreneurs, students and everyone in between
  3. Attention Deficit Disorder – diagnosis & treatment
  4. Anxiety
  5. Depression
  6. Bipolar Disorder

Attention Mental Health - quality, comprehensive, effective care

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