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ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar

"I understand your mental health needs."

Dr. Alfers completed his training as the chief resident in psychiatry at Georgetown Hospital.
Virginia Tech Undergraduate | NIH Research | Western University Doctorate

Dr. Cory Alfers

Adult ADHD
Adult ADD

Customized treatment for you.

Evaluations, medications, therapy, and second opinions.
Adult ADHD & ADD | Depression | Anxiety | Bipolar


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Psychiatrist in McLean VA.

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1499 Chain Bridge Rd, Suite 100, McLean, VA 22101


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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
(ADHD) affects 1 in 25 adults in the US,
90% of whom are currently untreated.1

Dr. Alfers understands how ADHD, depression,
anxiety and bipolar disorder impact the fast-paced and complex lives of
professionals. We treat lawyers, accountants, architects, entrepreneurs,
consultants, government employees, students, executives, engineers,
dentists, pilots, CEOs, and just about everyone in-between.

We will listen to your unique needs and work together to find
the ideal combination of psychotherapy and
medications specifically for you.

All clients receive professional treatment
the way I would want to be treated.


Identify your goals of treatment

I clearly identify your goals in the
beginning and structure treatment


Listen to your story

Your life is absolutely unique. I listen and
understand your life experience and make
decisions that are best for you.


Be seen quickly

No one likes to wait - I understand
that you want to be seen now. I try to
see all new clients as soon as possible.



100% confidential treatment.
HIPAA compliant.

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